WWU Call of Cthulhu

Session 1: New York

The Ball Gets Rolling

Heidi White, an antiquarian, received an odd telegram from and old friend, one Jackson Elias. It said that Elias had information pertaining to the Carlyle Expedition (a globe trotting expedition that led to the death of all of its members) And that he needed Heidi to gather an investigation team and meet him in New York city. Heidi called upon her past aqauintances: Betsy (an old friend from boarding school, now a psychiatric nurse), Hank (An old flame of Heidi’s now turned drifter, taking any job that could keep him afloat), and Pangalia (Heidi’s large yet hideously ugly aborigini body guard who had proved quite reliable in the past). Her team assembled, Heidi recieved a phone call from a desperate sounding Elias, who implored her to meet him at his room (410) in the Chelsea Hotel at 8:00 pm. Upon arriving at the room, they found that Elias had been brutally murdered. One of the perpetraitors was still in the room wearing a strange “death mask”. He gave the group quite a bit of trouble before disapearing down the fire escape, leaving Hank dangling from his fingertips at the top. Fortunately there were ample clues to be found at the scene of the crime. Some of which suggested far flung locales including: London, Cairo, Kenya, and Shanghai. All of these places had also been visited by the Carlyle expedition. Following up on one of the clues (a business card) the group visited Emerson Imports and learned of a small shop in a bad side of town which sold African “artifacts” known as Ju-Ju House. Investigations of the place allowed Heidi to purchase one of the death masks that the assassins had been wearing just the night before. The team staked out the area for that evening and after near defeat by a group of knife wielding cultists(which sent Heidi to the hospital) were able to break into the place and discover a secret trapdoor beneath the counter rug. Two of the deadly cultists were able to escape into the alleys however. Pressing on without Heidi, the group passed through a stone door and descovered a cramped and gruesome ritual site. Including a pit covered with a stone plate from which disturbing noises arose. The group had to confront 4 zombies as well as a crazed (though remarkably sickly) high priest. They decided to ignore whatever lay in the pit and looted the shrine’s strange treasures: a book entitled: Africa’s Dark Sects, a burnished copper bowl, a pair of gloves with lion’s claws afixed to them which the high priest used as effective weapons, a long staff carved of baobab wood inscribed with hieroglyphs, and an even more ornate mask of unknown workmanship with no straps or conventional means of keeping it on. No one attempted to wear or utilize any of these strange implements, but abandoned the site and are now resolved to book a steamer to London as soon as possible to backtrack on Elias/The Carlyle expedtion and to find out the truth behind this madness.



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