WWU Call of Cthulhu

Session 2: London Pt.1

Serpent in Soho

Play began with the investigators attending a brief funeral/memorial service for Heidi’s friend, Jackson Elias. While there they became aquainted with Elias’s publisher, Jonah Kensington. Kensington brought a couple more clues to there attention and dropped a few names which would prove useful in London (Mickey Mahoney and Inspector James Barrington), and even offered to fund them in the future. The group then set out by steamer to London. Heidi took first class and was able to attend the presentation of esteemed professor Cowles. It mostly pertained to an australian death cult which worshiped an entity known as the “Sand Bat” or “Father of all Bats”. Heidi managed to secure a meeting with the professor through his daughter Elizebeth. They talked at length about death cults of the world, and by the end Heidi was invited to join him in journeying to Australia from Mombasa, Kenya in 3 months time for another expedition.
Finally setting foot in London, the group booked a room at the Thames and called it an evening before heading out to visit Mahoney the next morning. Mahoney proved an excellent source of information (even if he embelished from time to time). The group also worked hard to get an interview with Inspector James Barrigton of Scotland Yard. He seemed rather unimpressed by all that they had to offer, but did provide a few more interesting leads about the strange ritual murders that had been going on; the so called “Egyptian Murders”. and mentioned that Elias had tried to bring “The Cult of the Black Pharoh” to his attention before leaving for New York.
The team decided then to follow one of the articles they obtained from Mahoney which detailed a strange artist in the Soho district of London, whose paintings seemed a little too… Mythos-y. Investigating proved frustrating to begin with, Miles Shipley (the artist) was quite obviously insane and Bertha Shipley (his elderly mother) only made things more difficult to examine properly by always observing them. Heidi managed to distract the old woman long enough for the rest of the group to get a look in the basement, which contained a secret bedroom/laboratory. This secret room held many strange chemicals and reagents which none of the group could hope to identify, as well as 3 syringes filled with a viscous green substance. Throughout these investigations, the stink of reptiles became noticeble and large flakes of snake skin were discovered in the secret room. As Bertha was beggining to become more suspicious, Heidi took a chance and slipped off to join the rest of her group in the secret basement room. They continued to search the peculiar area until Hank decided to check inside a stone tub on the far side of the room. It held gory body parts of some unknown women (leftovers from a previous meal?) and drew awe from the investigators. But it did little to prepare them for the awful truth, for during this time Bertha had crept down behind them and made her presence known as she transformed into an dangerous Serpent Man. The creature lashed out and bit Hank in the shoulder before he could properly arm himself (injecting a poison that incapacitated him). It threatened to do the same to anyone that attempted to fight back, but this didnt dissuade the party. Pangalia dodged the creature’s next lunge and came down hard with his boomerang on the thing’s head, but it was still in the fight. At the last moment before it could strike another of her friends, Betsy took up Hank’s shotgun and blew the fiend away, tearing its flesh and leaving it in a crumpled heap on the far wall (this also spilled much of the creatures arcane chemicals, partially dissolving the corpse). The group deduced that the creature had been brewing a potent drug which was the “inspiration” for Mile’s paintings, but also drove him insane and into the jaws of addiction.
At this point the group thought that they were safe, and proceeded to search the rest of the house. They discovered one final painting in a locked closet. It somehow was able to draw Hank inside it, and suddenly he found himself in a massive jungle, losing hope and sanity by the second. The group had no idea how to free their friend, and Hank set out alone into the forbidding environment. Although he fought to the bitter end, Hank was sadly struck down by a band of ruthless Serpent People somewhere deep in the jungle. He will be missed. This session ends with the Investigators regrouped at their hotel room, down one person than they started with.



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