WWU Call of Cthulhu

Session 4: London Pt. 3

The investigators arrived in the lovely Lesser Edale around midday during light showers, most of the locales had taken shelter in the local pub, The Laughing Horse, and the group did likewise. The villagers were very excited to meet Americans and kept hawking tales about the “creature” that had been plaguing them over the past monthes. Constable Tumwell maintained that it had been a wild dog which he’d shot and which had gone into the mountains to die. The constable seemed to have gotten his desire for the truth confused with this wish to maintain his job and reputation. A local paranoid hunter known as Hans seemed to a take deep interest in the creature, and since he knew the area and the villagers, was invited to join in the investigation. The group later spoke with a number of others who had been mentioned in Mahoney’s article, including a man who had survived a brush with the thing. He said that he had only survived by striking the beast in the head with a candlestick holder (though it took some more prodding to discover that this was made mostly of silver) and that the thing resembled a bear or wolf when it had come upon him. It was around this time that the more jumpy among the investigators theorized that a werewolf was the culprit, and so a good amount of time and money was spend aquiring silver bullets and other weapons. Melbourne scoffed at such precautions. Asking around the families of the deceased; the party heard that Lawrence Vane, recently returned form Oxford and heir to the Vane family fortune, had been spotted in the area on the night of one of the deaths. Herbert Melbourne confronted Lawrence in the Laughing Horse pub that same afternoon and managed to pressure him into a tour of Castle Plum. While Melbourne and the other well to do’s (Heidi and Betsy) journeyed to the castle, Hans and Pangalia shadowed them and planned to explore around the grounds (they had heard of the castle being originally built over/around lead mines).
Once inside the castle, the investigations were rebuked by Lawrence and Sir Arthur (his father), as both strove to make things uncomfortable for their guestes. Eventually Lawrence wandered off from the group as sir Arthur continued the “tour”. Meanwhile, Hans’ and Pangalia’s snooping had paid off; they’d discovered an ancient mine entrance concealed by foliage. Following the shaft, there were many small offshoots and rivets but the two stuck to the main passage. It seemed to abruptly end with a crumbly dirt wall, but the men persistently tore and bludgeoned it until they discovered stone blocks (such as those comprising the castle). Tearing these out, they unearthed an empty cell in the castle’s dungeon! All this time the other three group members were caught in the time wasting vortex that was Sir Arthur Vane as he plodded along on the pointless tour. Hans and Pangalia snuck deeper into the dungeon and found Lawrence bent over an unconcious woman in one of the other cells while he held an empty hypodermic syringe in his off hand. The two did not engage the man and let him lock the cell door and exit the dungeon before they proceeded further. Looking through the other cells bars they witnessed the young woman undergo a hideous transformation into a werewolf! It snarled and tore at the bars trying to escape and reach the two men. About now is when those two decided to book it back down the tunnel and inform the others rather than attempt to deal with the thing on their own. This was also about the time that Lawrence returned to the group in the castle proper and quickly ushered the investigators out into the night (quite rude for an English gent). But this allowed the group to reunite along the main road not long thereafter. They shared what they both had learned, Herman was eager to see this “werewolf” firsthand to disprove what Hans and Pangalia were claiming. But once the whole group returned down the passage to the dungeon cell they found it to be empty (with outward bent bars). Hans quickly snuck down the passage ahead of the rest of the group, shotgun at the ready. He discovered a side passage with the beast feeding on a rabbit (this gave him quite the shock), but he loosed his shotgun on the thing (using silver shot). The she-wolf was torn apart and quickly reverted to her human state, Too quickly for Melbourne to get his proof of its existence. Hans was able to convince Melbourne that the girl had charged him in a fit of murderous rage and that killing her was necessary, the others needed much less convincing as they knew all too well that he was likely telling the truth in the first place.
The group decided that a prompt departure from Lesser Edale would be in their best interests. Hans ended up going along with them for a number of reasons, firstly it was unsafe for him since he had murdered the woman, secondly he had a real passion for digging deep to find the truth; these foreigners had a tale that peaked his interest, and lastly the other group members reasoned that having someone among them who knew his way around a powerful firearm would be quite essential since Hank’s passing. Upon arriving back in London proper, the investigators were greeted by a nasty surprise. Edward Gavigan and 6 police officers were waiting for them at the station! Likely to arrest them for breaking and entering as well as for making off with Gavigan’s property. Some quick thinking got the group (and Gavigan’s valuables) off the train and into the relative safety of the city streets. Panagalia was profiled by the police and inspected by Gavigan, while Hans had a close call with a supspicious lawman, but all escaped unscathed.
Before the police could locate them the group decided to head to the Lime House Docks to checkup on one of their leads. They had to navigate a dense fog vale, and a run in with somekind of “Thing in the Fog” frightened Pangalia back to the car. The warehouse by the docks contained numerous crates filled with oddly crafted valves, struts, strange hand-wired electrical boards, and monstrous and baffling radio tubes. Melbourne knew that the valves and electrical boards were related to “reaction motor control” and that some of these parts were machined from titanium alloys seldom seen outside of a lab. He also reasoned that most of these could be considered “spare parts” since no one piece seemed integral to the whole. All of it was to be shipped to Shanghai. But there was not much more time for speculation as a confrontation with eight cultists was at hand and they’d called the police! A quick and bloody encounter ensued, in which Melbourne nearly lost his life, but thanks to Hans’ shotgun the group made it out in one piece. Heidi had a near death experience as the Thing in the Fog attempted to crush her lungs. At the last second Hans scoured the Thing with his flashlight and drove it off. At this time the group is on the run, they have not decided what their plans are. Most think they should get out while they still can and head for Cairo tomorrow, but Heidi thinks that they should follow the old truck outside of town this very evening and perhaps find more clues. Heidi’s plan would be risky, but might pay off. Either way, the group is in a lot of danger from more than just the police as they left one cultist alive at the warehouse. If he lives he’ll have a tale to tell his fellows.



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