WWU Call of Cthulhu

Session 6: Cario Pt. 2

Armed with the knowledge that a ritual was soon to take place beneath the great sphinx, as well as the general location of an entrance to the complex, the investigtors purchased supplies and set out to the pyramids at Giza. Finding the entrance was not overly difficult, but it was certainly forboding. Moist, dark, and claustrophobic, the irregular drop proved to be nearly 100ft deep and quite perilous even with rope. The catacombs themselves were even more unnerving (strange voices/sounds, oppressive passages, and constantly morphing routes). The group knew they were being stalked by some kind of creature or creatures as they did their best to navigate the dizzying array of passages. Finally their stalkers revealed themselves in a deadly ambush from all sides. The strange beasts had mummified bodies and the skulls of various native animals (crocodile, lion, hippo, ibis, etc). Fire-arms were rather ineffective, but magical blades did the job with ease. After a tense combat (with some near deaths) the investigators came out on top and were able to proceed through the main tunnel. They pressed on til they discovered large underused wooden double doors. The doors led into a titanic hall (the perfect ritual site) with many peculiar features. Perhaps the most disturbing was a huge leech pit (with human corpes), nearly 75 feet square; they knew that the leeches had to be fed great amounts of blood and that they had to be fed often. The gigantic room had several other eye catchers as well, a double seated throne, a dark gaping hole leading into nothingness, a huge stelle, and an elaborate sarcophagus with an enwrapped female. Almost immediately after discovering it, the group set about trying everything they could think of to destroy the mummy they had discovered, reasoning that it was none other than Queen Nitocris herself. They tried a variety of different destructive ploys but none succeeded, even the magical blades proved nearly useless against it. As the hour of the ritual grew near they became more desperate, scouring the massive room for anything they might have missed. They found an ancient symbol which they determined belonged to the Mythos God Nodens. From what they knew of him, it seemed that Nodens just might aid them in their time of need. But first he had to be contacted. Only Herman was able to learn the spell in time to cast it before the cultists arrived. But by seeking help from the great Nodens he put his already fragile mind at risk and nearly lost everything in the presence of the God. He kept this marbles well enough to beg that Nodens help them destroy Nitocris once and for all. Nodens did not speak, but produced an elaborate dagger and imparted (through feeling) that it was to be stabbed into the corpses left eye socket. As soon as he returned to his friends, Herman did as he was told and blasted the mummy to dust. Just in time, because footsteps could be heard fast approaching. The group replaced the sarcophagus lid and hid themselves at the edge of the chamber near the great stelle. Heidi cast a spell to produce a powerful barrier around them as an extra precaution. Cult members streamed out of the Stelle (somekind of teleportation device it turned out) and mummy creatures like the ones that had ambushed them poured out of the gaping black hole. Using binoculars the investigators saw the ritual and its participants quite well. The ceremony proceeded, and the group observed the utter dismay of the cultists as they discovered that Nitocris had become nothing but grave dust. They became enraged and set about trying to find the culprits. Deeming this a good time to make themselves scarce, the heroes made a dash for the stelle, and after a rather unpleasent “ride” to the desert above, made for their transport near the pyramids. Amazingly they managed to avoid the cultists long enough to book passage on a freighter headed towards Shanghai, China. Late that night, Herman was called upon by some peculiar visitors. Small, faceless, black imps which beckoned him from his window onboard the ship. He allowed them in and silently they held forth there clawed hands in supplication. They did not need to speak, he knew what they wanted. And after he relinquised Nodens’ dagger they departed without so much as a whisper on the wind.



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