Current Leads

These clues are organized by the country that they are tied to. The order of the countries corresponds roughly to the order in which they were visited by the Carlyle expedition, though there is no proof that they did work in Australia or Shanghai (technically)

New York: Already Investigated!

1. An article from Mickey Mahoney talks about a creature terrorizing residents in Lesser-Edale.
2. Edward Gavigan is the man currently in charge of the Penhew Foundation.
3. Barrington mentioned the Blue Pyramid night club in Soho as one of his leads.
4. An Egyptian spice dealer, Tewfik al-Sayed, was intereviewed by Barrington.
5. Yalesha (Belly Dancer at the Blue Pyramid) said that once a week men from The Blue Pyramid catch an old truck around midnight and head somewhere outside of London.
6. Yalesha overheard a man talking about the Limehouse Docks exporting for the The Penhew Foundation

1. A letter found in Elias’ possesions is from Faraz Najir, he has a shop on the “Street of Jackals” in the Old Quarter.
2. Warren Besart was Carlyles contact in Egypt who Faraz sold the artifacts to.
3. Faraz Najir orignally obtained the artifacts from Omar Shakti, a wealthy cotton grower.
4. The Mosque of Ibn-Tulun is said to contain something that the Brotherhood is attempting to steal.
5. The Clive Expedition is operating in Cairo and had a mummy stolen from them recently, they are contracted by the Penhew Foundation.
6. Achmed Zehavi described the location of a secret tunnel near the Pyramids at Giza. The Tunnel is said to lead somewhere underneath the great sphinx.

1. The Nairobi notes, obtained from Jonah Kensington, contain several important contacts of Elias’ including:

  • Johnstone Kenyatta, who claims that the Carlyle Massacre was performed by The Cult of the Bloody Tongue.
  • Lt. Mark Selkirk, leader of the men who actually found the expeditions remains.
  • Nails Nelson whom Elias met in the Victoria Bar in Nairobi, this man claimed to have seen Jack Brady alive in Hong Kong only a few monthes prior.

2. The Mountain of the Black Wind has been mentioned many times, and it is at the base of this mountain that the Carlyle Expedition Massacre occured.
3. Arthur Emerson of Emerson Imports said that a Mombasan exporter named Ahja Singh made regular shipments to Ju-Ju House (The location of the hidden cultist shrine in New York).

1. A crate in Gavigan’s secret study was stenciled: Randolph Shipping Company, Port Darwin, Northern Territory, Dominion of Australia. In smaller letters are the words: “Personal to Mr. Randolph.” The crate contained a bluestone sculpture of Cthulhu.

1. A matchbook found on Elias’ body is labled “The Stumbling Tiger Bar”, “Shanghai Fun & Friends” an address is provided.
2. A photograph found in Elias’ belongings shows a yacht at anchor surrounded by Chinese junks. the first three letters of its name are visible “DAR…”.
3. A crate in Gavigan’s secret study was stenciled: Ho Fong Imports, 15 Kaoyang Road, Shanghai, China. In smaller letters are the words: “Attention honourable Ho Fong.” Numerous similar crates were discovered at the Limehouse docks, these contained extremely complex mechanical and electrical components.
4. The Shanghai Courier had 3 different leads:

  • A Violet Street flower girl was murdered by a bat creature.
  • A group of Monks were attacked by somekind of “mobile fire”.
  • An astologist’s advertisement seemed to be specifically targeting the investigators.

5. Jack Brady is said to be involved in training a rebel group in a militia warehouse on the south side of the river (Chung-Shan Road). Altough Captain Isoge warns it may be dangerous.

Current Leads

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