Edward Gavigan


An intelligent and polished man in his early 50’s, Gavigan seemed to be holding back when he first spoke with the investigators. Herbert suspected him of much (including murder and occultism), although the rest of the group was much more accepting of the man at first. Since Sir Aubrey Penhew was pronounced dead, Gavigan has taken over operations at the Penhew Foundation. He keeps a secret study in the basement of the foundation, which contained numerous mythos tomes and occult paraphenalia until it was raided by the investigators. He also appears to be quite wealthy, although slightly less so since the investigators robbed him.

In further sessions Gavigan proved to be a shrewd and well connected opponent. He has had the police hot on the investigator’s tales since they stole from him and he definately has some strong ties to the Brotherhood of the Black Pharoh. He is a dangerous and resourceful man, but he has yet to catch his prey.


Edward Gavigan

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